Dan Catterall, MA, LLPC


In our modern world, it can be very challenging to make time to care for ourselves. With work, school, and countless forms of media all vying for our attention, things can become very overwhelming. In therapy, I aim to provide a caring, calm environment where clients can take a step back and feel safe to explore the issues they have been struggling with. It is my belief that all people are capable of growing, and becoming better versions of themselves. Perhaps therapy is a way that you can accomplish these goals. I hope we can find out together.

I have experience working with clients in both inpatient and outpatient settings, and I have worked with both adults and adolescents struggling with major depressive disorder, anxiety related disorders, and many other mental health challenges. As a clinician, I always seek to treat clients as individuals, and to respect the uniqueness of all people.

I practice from an integrative perspective, but most often employ client-centered therapy, CBT, and existential approaches. I always tailor my counseling techniques to the individual client, and have other techniques I can employ if needed. 

As a therapist, I am committed to being a compassionate, open listener, who at times challenges, educates, and who always empowers my clients. I hope to help everyone who comes into my office to grow and realize their full potential...and that includes you!

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Or email at dancatterallcounseling@gmail.com